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Russell Finex Group



"Protect your Product Quality and your Reputation"



Compact Range - Check screening of powders



Finex Separator Range - Separation and Grading of Powders



Vibrasonic Mesh Cleaning - Enables sieving of difficult Powders



Eco Self-Cleaning Filter Range - Filtration of liquids and High Viscosity Pastes



Rotary Range - Powder sieving and Liquid Solid Separation




K-Tron Process Group



"Metering, Batching and Blending Excellence"



Twin Screw Feeder Range, Easy Clean Belt Feeder range or Vib Tray Feeders in Volumetric or Fully Digital Gravimetric with simple Control Architecture and modern display systems.



Pneumatic Conveying Systems - using Wand or Feedbin pick up, Discharge hoppers, Vacuum or Blowing Systems.



Full Project Management of Core Technologies.




Rotex Europe



Gyratory, High Efficiency Screeners for all bulk Powder & Granule Applications Rotex, Apex, Megatex and Minerals Machine Ranges



Direct Drive Electro-Mechanical Screeners and Conveyors and Electro-Vibratory Feeders.



Gradex, Automated Particle Analysis Equipment to check product quality easily.





Clearflex Tubing

BFM Connection dust tight Flexibe

Black EPDM Flexible

Standard Rubber Flexibles
Sieve and Filter Spare Parts

Tri Clover Flexibles

Re-meshing Rings all makes, shapes and styles

Silicone Flexible sleeve on Tri Clover Adaptor




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